Delivering optimal
liquidity solutions
for digital assets

Empowering Blockchain projects

Welcome to GlobalStar

“Our mission is to deliver complex first-class liquidity solutions to blockchain innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs

Founded in 2018 in response to a growing demand for professional liquidity providers in the crypto ecosystem, GlobalStar is an EU registered company with a unique framework for operating in Digital Asset markets.

Our approach is market-neutral at all times, thus providing the maximum liquidity for spot markets across a selection of Tier-1 Exchanges.

Our Company ethos is grounded in transparency and professionalism with all our business partners, clients, and counterparties.

The Team at GlobalStar has been consistently supporting Blockchain Projects since 2013 with a solid background in traditional finance, wealth management, and high-frequency trading.

We are confident that choosing GlobalStar as your Partner will be a decision that takes your Project to the next level.

Our Solutions


Market performance is the single most important factor in investor involvement


Maximise your yield with our Diversified Execution of Trade Orders


Optimize your Operational Framework

Why GlobalStar

Our approach represents the convergence of top-end Technology, Transparency and Innovation for the Blockchain ecosystem.
  • In-house experience of 40+ years in traditional finance and digital asset management
  • Providing professional liquidity solutions to Blockchain startups since 2013
  • Optimal Algorithmic Trading Strategies which maximise liquidity for Token Issuers & Exchanges
  • State-of-the-art liquidity engine capable of managing in excess of 300 orders per second
  • Concise weekly trading reports and market insights from your designated account manager
  • Strict AML/KYC Policy enforcement to ensure full compliance across multiple jurisdictions
  • Data science experts with a focus on developing smart trading algorithms using big data and machine learning



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