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Welcome to GlobalStar

GlobalStar is a fintech advisory firm focused on delivering liquidity solutions and programmatic trading strategies for digital assets through our proprietary low-latency HFT technology.
Our balanced team of highly-qualified professional traders and blockchain software developers has been providing sophisticated first-class solutions for over 6 years. As our industry grows towards the implementation of a regulatory framework, we strongly believe in the need for higher levels of market transparency which will encourage the organic and sustainable growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

Our Solutions

Market Making

The team at GlobalStar has been providing liquidity solutions for token-issuers and exchanges since 2013. From your first listing to building serious volume across multiple exchanges, our proprietary trading technology ensures market liquidity 24/7.

Risk Management

Throughout your journey, you will encounter situations where you may need to monetise part of the capital you raised. Our programmatic execution strategies will allow you to reduce and manage the associated risks allowing you to focus on your project instead.

Exchange listings

We do not directly list your project on exchanges but we do provide guidance and direction. Choosing the best partner exchange at the right time based on volume, transparency, location, reputation and track record is paramount for the success of any project.

Why GlobalStar

We have been in the liquidity business for digital assets since early 2013 and have made many friends during our journey. Our state-of-the-art technology and bullet-proof algorithmic trading solutions are ready to take your project to the next level!
  • Fast and reliable proprietary trading engine
  • Experienced trustworthy liquidity providers
  • Full access to bespoke programmatic trading strategies
  • 24/7 liquidity solutions across 112 exchanges
  • Exchange listing strategy specialists

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