Market makers provide important benefits to Token Issuers and Crypto Exchanges. First and foremost, market makers enable efficient and liquid trading conditions.  Having access to deep and solid order books, participants can readily buy and sell any Asset with minimal slippage costs of transacting.

Our market experts listen to your requirements and help you define a tailor-made liquidity strategy to achieve your goals from day-one.

Liquidity Management

By addressing the principal barriers to end-user awareness and adoption, your project is streamlined for organic growth which is always preferable to attempting to remedy an undynamic market.

With GlobalStar’s Liquidity Services you can:

  • Support your Digital Assets with deeper order books around the clock
  • Reduce volatility of your project´s market valuation and gain visibility
  • Attain guaranteed uninterrupted liquidity with our institutional-grade technology
  • Improve market efficiency by maintaining consistently tight bid/ask spreads
  • Attract investors and brokers through a liquid and highly tradable market
  • Harness the power of our bullet-proof proprietary trading algorithms
  • Protect your project from potential exchange delistings

“Market performance is the single most important factor in investor involvement”

Execution Strategies

Our Diversified Execution Strategies will allow you to reduce and manage the associated risks while achieving best potential order fills, allowing you to focus on your project instead.

  • Trailing Stops     Limit potential loses or defend your profits regardless of where the market moves
  • Pegged Orders   Achieve best execution prices by passively following the top of order book
  • Iceberg Orders   Hides the real size of your order and does not let the market go against you
  • Basket Trading   Execute basket trades on multiple coins simultaneously and automatically hedge against other coins
  • Smart Order Routing Identify and execute best available opportunities across a range of different exchange venues

“Maximise your yield with our diversified execution of trade orders”

Advisory Services

With GlobalStar you are in the best possible company to optimize your operational framework and to navigate the rapidly evolving Blockchain landscape.

The Team at GlobalStar have been actively involved in supporting Blockchain Projects since 2013. Therefore, you will benefit from unparalleled levels of Experience, Industry knowledge, Technical Capabilities and Market Insights. 

Choosing the best strategic partner exchanges at the right time based on volume, transparency, location, reputation and track record, is of paramount importance for the continued success of any project.