GlobalStar offers a variety of solutions and services to blockchain innovators and start-ups.

We have been providing first-class liquidity solutions to dozens of top ranked digital-assets and exchanges since early 2013. Building long-lasting relationships has been and continues to be our main priority. We are here for the long-term and fail to understand business in any other possible way.

Market Making

Whether you are an STO (or ICO), a listed-token project, an exchange or a highly-ranked coin we have the capacity and resources to maximise your liquidity. If your asset has insufficient levels of liquidity, others will not be able to trade it, which in turn translates into lower volume, less traction and a general lack of interest towards the use of your token, coin or exchange. In most circumstances, this can mean a considerable reduction of the value of your token or coin.
Our market experts listen to your requirements and help you define a tailor-made liquidity strategy to achieve your market goals from day-one.

Our state-of-the-art technology, bullet-proof algorithms and in-house programmatic trading-engine, provides you with a 24/7 uninterrupted supply of liquidity to build and grow your market organically, from project to reality.

A dedicated team of traders and developers are always available to adjust your parameters or to align any major marketing announcement with the liquidity strategy of your choice.

Risk Management

Throughout your journey, you will encounter situations where you may need to monetise part of the capital you raised. Our programmatic execution strategies will allow you to reduce and manage the associated risks allowing you to focus on your project instead.

Exchange listings

We do not directly list your project on exchanges but we do provide guidance and direction. Choosing the best partner exchange at the right time based on volume, transparency, location, reputation and track record is paramount for the success of any project.